Asian Escorts in London Sex Survey


Young Oriental Escorts did a quick survey of 50 customers in October.

We wanted to find out what men really want from Asian Escorts in London, if they get what they want and why they keep coming back.

Each customer agreed to reveal their dirtiest secrets and their innermost desires.

Here are the results.

  • 50 customers took the survey. Of that 50, 70% were over the age of 40. 10% between the age of 18-23. The youngest was 18, the oldest 68. 65% were white English. 20% Asian men.

  • 70% were married or in a long term relationship.

  • Over 60% said they had sex less than once a month. 30% had sex on average twice a week. Less than 5% had sex every day.

  • More than 80% said they were currently unsatisfied with their sex life.

  • 60% said they thought about sex every day.

  • Half of the guys said they had visited a porn site on the web in the last thirty days.

  • Less than 10% saidf they masturbated every day. The average was three times a week.

  • Reasons for using an escort service. 1. Variety 2. Specific sex act that their current partner will not provide 3. Need more sex than they are currently getting 4. Only way of getting sex

  • Favourite sexual positions. 1. Doggie Style (65%). 2. Girl on Top (20%) 3. Missionary (15%)

  • Most requested service. 1 Anal 2. Cum In Mouth 3. French Kissing 4. Uniforms.

  • Average time spent having sex with escort - 20 minutes.

  • Most requested nationality of escort. 1. Japanese. 2. Chinese. 3. Korean. 4 Thai

  • Top complaints 1. Very difficult to find an escort who will perform anal or cum in mouth. 2. Price too high

  • Quality of service. 75% very satisfied. 15% satisfied. 10% not satisfied.

Many thanks to our customers for giving their time to us to put this survey together.