Why Escorts are NOT sex workers.


After reading an interview with Josh Barndon - allegedly the most expensive escort in the UK - in Vice Magazine, we asked some of our clients what they thought about the terms “Prostitution” and "Sex Worker" and whether they thought it is time for society to rethink the role of the professional escort , in terms of any morale or ethical biases that may exist.

We totally agree with Josh that the term “escort” covers more areas. "For example, sex happens, but sex doesn't always happen. Like John we have clients who want companionship in non-sexual ways and we also meet clients who bring up early sexual experiences they need to relieve and express feelings they've never talked about with anyone.

And a lot of escorts now are true entrepreneurs. How could anyone disagree with that? To quote Josh "This is a capitalist country, after all. Everything is OK to sell except for sex and companionship? That’s just bizarre.”

Our clients, many of whom are educated, professional men and women, completely agree. It's time to re-think the role and value of the modern escort business. It's not just about sex and money.