Dinner Dates Are Becoming More Popular For Escort Clients in London

Since September, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of bookings for dinner dates. These are what we call 'outcall plus' - where the client books a girl for three hours and they enjoy drinks, dinner and whatever else happens afterwards. Why the upsurge in dinner dates? It's hard to know for sure, but talking to a client, who works in the city, it seems that budgets for expenses are starting to relax slightly and businessmen can afford to wine and dine a pretty young Asian Escort. Actually, though, it is not as expensive as you think. We charge, on average, £400 for drinks, dinner and relaxation afterwards, which usually takes 3 hours. If you deduct the 'legitimate' expenses i.e. dinner and drinks, the client maybe only has to pay £150 of his own money. Anyway, we are booking on average five 'outcall plus' every week, usually to 4-5 star hotels in Central London. The other factor is word-of-mouth. Clients tell colleagues and arguably the single most important determining criteria, for booking an escort is discretion. 'Is the girl discreet? Does she dress conservatively?' Let's face it, if you are meeting an escort in the bar of your hotel, disctretion is paramount. Many clients tell us how surprised they were that 'the girl looked stunning, but normal.' And how they felt 'relaxed and comfortable' with the girl.