Japanese girls in compromising situations…

Here at Young Oriental Escorts we know how much you love Japanese girls, so we thought it would be fun to share a few things we’ve been keeping our eye on lately…

What is it exactly about Japanese girls and cars? Especially when they’re dressed up like Chun-Li from Street Fighter. Girls and cars have always gone hand in hand, but dressed up Japanese girls have to be by far the best. Chun-Li has been parodied by many girls in the adult industry, including the Babestation girl Jada. Whenever Babestation have a cosplay evening, Jada always chooses this highly sexualised video game character and succeeds in revealing this Japanese cultural icon into a whole new light!

The latest Japanese girl fetish

The Malaysia Chronicle shows us yet more Japanese girls, but these ones have a rather bizarre fetish. Ever heard of door knob licking? Well apparently there’s a brand new trend spreading the globe from the East and it quite literally involves pictures of Japanese girls licking door knobs. They may be on their knees, bent over, or in a variety of different poses, but one thing remains the same: they’re licking door knobs!

Now we know that the Japanese escorts we represent are pretty versatile to say the very least, but we’re not quite sure they’ll go in for door knob licking to be perfectly honest. You can always ask them of course, but we don’t foresee a happy ending to that request!

Entertainment Japanese style

It’s not just Western men that have a fascination with Japanese girls of course, you’ll notice in the video below that native Japanese men have just as much admiration for the female of the species, and they’ll do almost anything to see them naked!

That’s what we call a gameshow! If only we could get away with that in the UK, perhaps with Philip Schofield or Noel Edmunds presenting. It would certainly brighten up Saturday night prime time television.

There are of course better things to do with your Saturday night, or any night come to think of it. Take a little glance at the finest Japanese escorts London has to offer in our gallery and perhaps make a booking. All these girls are ready and willing to make you happy in ways you’ve probably only ever dreamed of.

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