Japanese Valentine’s Day…

Ever since Japan embraced Western traditions and pop culture, Valentine’s Day has been a highly celebrated part of Japanese lifestyle. They do however do things a little differently…

We know that many of you have already decided to spoil yourself this Valentine’s Day by choosing one or more Japanese escorts from our gallery to indulge in, but we thought it might be fun to tell you a little about just how the Japanese celebrate this most romantic day of the year.

The following movie might give you a little insight into what Valentine’s Day in Japan is really like and why it’s the way it is; also the Japanese girl presenting it is quite hot!

You might have guessed that the whole idea was introduced to the Japanese by a chocolate company! But what about that for a change in direction? In Japan the girls give the guys the chocolates to declare their love! There’s a turn up for the books…

It will please you to hear that if you want to book one of the best Japanese escorts London has to offer, you will not require a box of chocolates; but you’re not likely to get chocolates from them either! However, we’re sure the girls would appreciate your thoughts and gifts should you choose to spoil them. Treating your escort well will almost certainly result in them treating you the way you want.

So why not celebrate Valentine’s Day Japan style this year and book yourself one of the finest Japanese companions you’re ever likely to meet in this lifetime… Start by browsing the gallery!

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