Would you try living in Japan?

If it was simply for the young ladies then we’re certain you’d all jump at the chance, but what about everything else you need to consider…

If you’re actually planning a trip you might also find it helpful to have a chat with one of our Japanese escorts when you meet; if you don’t have too many other plans with her of course!


Japanese food is not likely to be the same in a London restaurant as it is in Japan. Japan’s food culture is steeped mostly in street food like many other Asian countries, although there are some fantastic traditional

Japanese dishes you should attempt to try if you’re dining out when you arrive. The video below however will introduce you to the more common style of eating in Japan. Everything is made very “convenient”. Most places you eat out in simply require you to select something from a screen and push a button, much the same as everything else in modern day Japan. One more thing by the way – you’ll need to like fish!


If you’re a lover of wondrous sights then you couldn’t possibly go wrong with Japan. It all depends on what you like to see of course. If you’re a culture vulture you may well be interested in what’s happening in the city. Museums and the arts are thriving in cities like Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka, but if you’re after truly majestic sights you should move into the open spaces. Some of the scenery in Japan is simply breath taking to say the very least. When you set your eyes upon Amanohashidate, the unique pine tree covered sand bank, or take in the awe inspiring Mount Fuji you will never look at the hills and beaches of the UK in the same way again!

And when you consider that most of the Japanese escorts London have on offer have actually seen these spectacles for themselves it will help you realise just what they might be missing and encourage you to show them the time of their lives when you arrange a date. Remember that if you treat your companion right you will almost certainly reap the rewards!

Just for fun

Just for a giggle let’s revisit some of those strange things associated with Japanese culture by looking at this guy’s YouTube video. It’s always a useful insight to find a westerner who is actually living in Japan able to tell us what’s going on; or in the case of this video, as shocked at it all as we’re likely to be!

He seems very happy with his free towel when he opens his bank account! That’s initial euphoria for you we suppose… We find the fact that you can pimp your Hanko Stamp a little more entertaining however; watch the video to find out what we’re on about.

Things to watch out for in Japan

If you’re watched the video you’ll already know that annoying birds will be something to look out for, but seriously for a moment, we have identified some things you’ll need to be on the lookout for.

  • Pointing. We should make this quite clear. Pointing is rude! If you want to gesture to something or someone do it with open hand.

  • Be quiet. The Japanese are a little more like the Borg from Star Trek than most westerners. They consider the needs of the group much more important than the needs of the individual. Consider this when you’re out and about having fun and don’t cause a fuss that will likely agitate others.

  • Toilets. Don’t be freaked out if one place offers you a futuristic toilet that will actually heat your ass and the next place will require you to hover over a hole in the floor. This is apparently quite common, depending on where you go of course.

  • Watch out for your shoes. In Japan it’s customary to remove your shoes in certain areas; particularly those that are carpeted. Places to look out for are people’s homes or certain restaurants etc.

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