Dating a Japanese Girl

Once again we turn to Ed for a little look into the realities of Japan. This time he’s taking a little look at dating a Japanese girl…

Of course you guys don’t have to worry about this. Firstly you’re not in Japan, and secondly, you’re after Japanese escorts right? We should perhaps make it very clear to begin with, the girls we represent on the website do not want to date you for any longer than the time you’ve booked them for. However, if you have a passion for Japanese girls, what our good friend has to tell you may well be useful.

There you have it. From the mouth of the guy who is out there living the dream in Japan! Of course what you can take from this movie primarily is the fact that when you’re booking one of the Japanese escorts London have on offer, you won’t have to meet the in-laws! Poor old Ed was having what appeared to be a hell of a time until those cultural differences kicked in.

At least the cultural differences you encounter when it comes to booking an escort are all positive. These girls are attentive, affectionate, and somewhat submissive should you wish. What most men would argue as being the perfect woman! You certainly won’t be able to establish any type of relationship that mirrors the time you spend with one of the gorgeous girls on our website…

You never have to get involved

The best thing about booking an escort of course is that you never have to get involved with the girl you choose, and to be perfectly honest, she doesn’t want to get involved with you either. It was essentially the Japanese cultural expectation that working is done in order to support your family and nothing else, as opposed to Ed’s theory of working to live life and enjoy everything that you can get from it, that got in the way. This kind of thing will never happen to you of course!

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