Harajuku Girls at Finborough Theatre

It’s actually the last few days you’re likely to get to see this show, but knowing as we do, just how much you enjoy Japanese culture, we thought we’d let you know…

It’s obviously the girls you love most about Japan, otherwise you wouldn’t be here; we’re not totally stupid you know. Well the thing with Harajuku Girls is that it’s a theatre production that actually tells the story of three girls, and when you see what these girls look like on the stage you’re going to know why we’re telling you this!

Here’s a little video interview with one of these wonderfully talented (and not to mention beautiful) young Japanese actresses. Her name is Haruka Abe and she looks fabulous in her cosplay outfits! If you want Japanese escorts like this then you need to browse our gallery!

If you like cosplay you’re going to love these actresses’ portrayal of three teenage girls who like dressing up and then their subsequent problems trying to escape the humdrum of work and life in general. The way this play shows the often unclear borders between fantasy and reality is perfect and it lends itself quite well to those of you who like to realise your fantasies with one of the Japanese escorts London have to offer.

So if you’re fast you might just get to see the show: Finborough Arms, 118 Finborough Road, Kensington, London SW10 9ED.