Don’t Use The Phone Boxes To Book Asian Escorts.

To begin with, you’d be mad to call a number advertised in a phone box. You have no idea who you’re meeting with gents, let’s face it. If you get lucky you might find a nice cheap girl, but it’s always better to book Asian escorts through an agency. The most important thing you have to understand is that Asian escorts and the Asian girls you’ll find in a phone box, are actually two very different types.

The girls you see in the phone boxes are predominantly prostitutes. They make no apologies for where they advertise, what a nuisance they are, and they don’t care who sees their pornographic adverts. To us this is pretty irresponsible, considering that children and others may see their nefarious calling cards.

At least when you book Asian escorts you’re more than likely going to book from a website. And there are of course far greater controls on who can access the internet. But more importantly, Asian escorts are not prostitutes. These young oriental angels are all companions, who most importantly of all enter into the escorting community because they enjoy it, not because they need to do it, or even worse, they are coerced into doing it. In the escorting world, as you already know, there are ever sexual promises made and there are no expectations!

Asian escorts that you book through phone box cards, are likely to be trafficked girls. This is a very sad fact we know, but it’s kind of obvious when you think about it. Who else would need to advertise in a phone box? Only really those who have something to hide. When you book Asian escorts from an escort agency, you’re sure to be purchasing an absolutely legal service. You simply wouldn’t have an agency advertising girls that have been brought into the country illegally and coerced into performing sexual acts for male clients.

Agency Asian escorts have been thoroughly checked. We are of course using ourselves as a model here, but generally find most agencies with websites to do pretty much the same. These girls are professional Asian companions. They offer only their companionship services, and the introduction to these girls is done through their agency. The agencies make no promises about what happens during your time together at all.

Girls are chosen obviously for their looks, but they’re also chosen for their intriguing personalities and intelligence. If you want a truly memorable experience with Asian escorts, it’s much nicer to book girls who can stimulate your mind too!

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