Do Japanese escorts miss Christmas in Japan?

It would be a good idea to look at just what Christmas in Japan really means first, before we judge just how much Japanese escorts miss it. First and foremost, what you must remember is that Christmas is a Christian holiday and the Japanese are predominantly a Shinto nation…

If we had to identify the main religions in Japan then we would probably say: Shinto, Buddhism and Confucianism. However, there’s a lot of grey area surrounding the definitions of these religions in Japan. Whether Japanese escorts follow these is not something we could really comment too much on. If we had to take a guess we’d probably say no. When operating in an escorting capacity, Japanese escorts have far too much exposure to western culture and lifestyle for it not to have a significant impact on the way they live their lives.

Custom religious practices

However, having said that, even in Japan it is said that less than 40% of people align themselves with any one particular faith. This is why we mention that there is a lot of grey area surround their definitions. For those who do worship, so to speak, it’s usually to ancestors or individual gods etc. Most of their moralistic guidelines taken from religion tend to align themselves with the tenets and practices of Buddhism, but Shinto “sects” are very common. These involve various worshipping practices that do not follow established doctrines, and they are chosen by the individual, allowing them to connect their lives in some way with ancient Japan and their ancestors through various rituals.

So, do Japanese escorts miss Christmas in Japan?

Christianity is not common in Japan, but is recognised, and as such Christmas in Japan has only really been popularised over the past couple of decades. It’s celebrated in much the same way as it is over here, in the respect that it’s an opportunity for the young and more enlightened to get together and have fun etc. The whole Christmas narrative isn’t really adhered to in the same way as it is here in the UK, and everything stays open on December 25th. The main highlight for the Christmas season in Japan is usually Christmas Eve.

So, we’re certain that any Japanese escorts in London will miss Japan (if they have indeed ever lived there!) but they’re not likely to miss Christmas in Japan. We are sure most of them are on Oxford Street right now buying each other expensive presents and looking forward to a day of opening gifts, spending time with friends and eating far too much, just like the rest of us!

So, on behalf of our Japanese escorts: メリークリスマス or Meri Kurisumasu!

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