Do Chinese escorts celebrate Christmas and New Year?

We all know that Chinese New Year is not celebrated on the same day we celebrate our New Year, but do the Chinese escorts we represent still get down and party on the British New Year’s Eve?

Of course they do! You will find that the majority of Chinese escorts in London will be out partying on New Year’s Eve; unless they’re busy entertaining clients of course! So essentially, these lucky young ladies get to celebrate two New Years. We suppose there’s no stopping you gentlemen celebrating Chinese New Year too, if you really want to. Chinese New Year is on Monday February 8th next year by the way, so you’ll just about get enough time - between the regular celebrations and this one – to sober up and prepare!

What’s Chinese New Year like?

It doesn’t just mark the beginning of another year on one day. Chinese New Year concentrates on the lunar calendar and it’s celebrated over a number of days. If any of you have frequented Chinatown in London in the past you’ll already have seen this going on, from around 20th January to 20th February. We don’t profess to know too much about the celebrations, but we do know that the Chinese tend to honour their ancestors during this time, and the lantern festival is particularly beautiful on the 15th day; as we’re sure some of you will agree. This is an excellent time to be in Chinatown by the way, and whilst you’re around, why not book Chinese escorts; you might find them feeling particularly festive at that time!

What about Chinese escorts at Christmas?

Well Christianity isn’t the dominant religion in China of course, it’s predominantly Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. The Chinese New Year is a little like their Christmas when you think about it, even though many things are different. But this doesn’t stop the Chinese people, and our Chinese escorts of course, getting involved with the Christian style celebrations and narratives connected with the season. The Chinese are relatively accepting and tolerant of other religions and their festivals, and they are happy to celebrate them. Considering that the Chinese have been in the UK for hundreds of years now, it’s certainly something that has been embraced by them during their assimilation.

More importantly of course, when it comes to Chinese escorts, you will find that the vast majority of these girls actually live in the UK anyway. Many of them are “native” Londoners too, they speak fluent English, work and socialise with friends in the city, and basically do everything you do. So when it comes to the Christmas season, you will more than likely find that Chinese escorts, like so many other young courtesans in the city, will indeed be celebrating!

Celebrate the season in style with Chinese escorts

So you like Chinese girls right? Or you just like Asians? Either way, it’s the season to be a little spoiled. Hell, the whole idea of Christmas has become very commercialised and capitalist anyway, so you may as well go with it and splash out on a bit of fun. Go all the way and have a blow out! Book yourself a table for two in the city and book one of our lovely Asian girls to accompany you.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year!

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