What is it about Asian escorts with big boobs?

Most men are fans of big boobs right? But if you’re a fan of big boobs and Asian escorts with big boobs, you’re in for a real treat! We found a great little video on YouTube that shows some of the most beautiful young Asians with the biggest of natural boobs…

And isn’t that it? The fact that the boobs are mostly natural on these Asian girls? That has to be one of the things that floats your boat when it comes to Asian escorts with big boobs right? Take a look at the video and you’ll see what we mean.

One more thing that has to stand out on this particular video is that the girls look so young. These beautiful young Asian babes don’t actually even look like they should be the proud owners of hooters that big right? It makes you wonder whether they’re actually aware of the effect they have on men wherever they go! Well you can take it from us that Asian escorts with big boobs, certainly know how they influence men! It’s their job to know what they do after all.

Which Asian escorts are naturally busty?

We nearly wrote “naturally busy” there for a moment, and you can guess why they would be of course! But seriously, in our experience the most naturally busty of all Asian varieties would be the Japanese. At the other end of the scale we would probably say that Thai girls are not often very busty, unless they’re enhanced of course. We’re going on the Asians that escort of course. There are other Asians that don’t possess naturally big boobs too, but there’s little point mentioning them, considering you’d be hard pushed to book one in London.

So what is it?

We’ll be honest. To us it’s the whole package, with one added extra. It’s the giant boobs, on the small frame, with the youthful look. There we said it. But by far the one thing that has to be added here is those ever so big, innocent looking eyes; particularly so in Japanese girls. Don’t they make you just want to take these girls home and look after them? Haha!

Now, isn’t it time you booked one of these busty Asian escorts?

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