Talking To Asian Escorts In London: What To Say…

You may well be onto a “sure thing,” so to speak, when you book Asian escorts in London, but we are very aware that there are a number of you out there who suffer with certain anxieties when it comes to women, regardless of whether they’re an escort or not…

It’s for this reason we have come up with a number of different conversation starters, and a few simple dos and don’ts when it comes to communicating with our escorts. There really aren’t many rules per se, but it’s always good to ensure that the girls are as comfortable as possible right? It makes for a much better evening for you too if they’re relaxed and happy.

In many ways, talking to Asian escorts in London is much the same as talking to any other girl if you’re on a date. If you’re struggling however, and you have elected to go out with your escort, try a few of the following go to lines for inspiration:

  • Be polite and ask them if they’d like a drink etc. if you’ve booked an outcall. This can instigate any number of conversations about what they like and don’t like to drink etc. and hopefully lead onto other subjects.

  • Talk about their appearance. Asian escorts in London love to hear compliments, and you can bet your life that she’ll look fantastic for you. Don’t think for a moment that they get fed up with hearing them, and they know very well that you are being genuine. They will be grateful that you appreciate the efforts they have made to look good for you.

  • Discuss your own job if you like. You can talk about what you do. This is always a good way to get yourself talking because it’s something you know a lot about and can probably go on for a bit. This will get conversation going a little, and don’t worry about your Asian escort date, she’ll be just fine.


  • Ask them for personal details: phone numbers, other addresses etc. This won’t be welcomed, and to be honest, you’re talking to professional Asian escorts in London, not some silly young girl who doesn’t know any better. You’re not likely to get to know anything personal about your escort.

  • Talk about her escorting career. This too isn’t something they’re likely to be willing to share. Professional girls won’t talk about their career, why they do what they do, or indeed talk about any other clients. They are there for you, for the duration of your booking, but they are not subject to interrogation!

Of course if you’ve booked an incall Asian escort then you probably won’t be required to do much talking at all. You’ll be in her home, and she will do her utmost to make you feel welcome, if you know what we mean! The same can be said for if you’ve booked an outcall to your hotel room. You might want to offer her a drink and order some room service, but otherwise you can leave pretty much everything else to her. The Asian escorts in London that we represent are very friendly and they’ll soon put you at ease!

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