Are Japanese Escorts In London Just Like Regular Japanese Girls?

This is an extremely good question, but it’s one that we can answer quite quickly and honestly. The answer is no, they’re not. They look the same, and do everything else the same, but they are not…

They may even come from the same regions of Japan, or they may have the same type of family dynamic and traditionally based culture that they try to replicate in London, but Japanese escorts in London are a different breed altogether!

If your idea of a Japanese girl has been given to you through popular culture, on the TV etc. you will be pleased to hear that Japanese girls can really be found like this in Japan; they really are as cutesy as they appear to be in many cases.

The same can be said for Japanese girls here in London of course. We have a saying at the agency: You can take a girl from Japan, but you can’t take Japan from the girl!

Common cultural features of Japanese girls

  • Very cute and lots of fun! It’s very rare to find a stressed out Japanese girl, whether you’re in London or Tokyo!

  • Naturally inquisitive. They show keen interests in many different interests and hobbies, and always give themselves 100% to them.

  • Very caring. Japanese girls have a natural caring side to their personality that probably stems from years of subservience.

  • Great fashion sense. Japanese girls always like to look their best, and this always appears absolutely effortless. With that amount of natural beauty, we’re not entirely surprised however.

Japanese escorts in London

Japanese escorts in London however, are not like they are in Japan (unless of course those in Japan are actually escorts!) They’re better! You see, it’s the escorting culture that has changed them slightly. It’s still alright of course, you’re going to get all of the above, just much more! You will find that your Japanese escort will be a lot more fun, and she’ll be a hell of a lot more sensual and experimental. It’s like all your favourite things in Japanese girls, with added sexual experience! You can’t miss with these girls!

Japanese girls are actually high sexual creatures

Some people believe that the whole “cutesy” thing with Japanese girls make them almost non sexual, but this is not the case at all. People who we know who have dated Japanese girls in the past all tend to say the same thing when it comes to these girls. They may be inexperienced, but they are incredibly willing to try quite literally anything! That’s Japanese girls per se we’re talking about there, not Japanese escorts in London; these girls are… well, you don’t need us to tell you how experienced they are we’re sure!

Check some of them out now…