Japanese London Escorts Offer Some Dating Advice

Not only do we offer the best Japanese London escorts in the city, we also offer dating tips! Who’d have thought it? You would think that we’d want you free and single, but in truth all we want is you to be happy…

We’re well aware that practically everyone needs someone special in their life. Booking our Japanese London escorts is great fun, but mostly an alleviation for loneliness, or a little extra fun! And why not? No-one said you have to stay lonely when you don’t have a girlfriend did they?

There’s no specific rules there! But when you do feel like getting back out there in the dating world again, if you want your efforts to succeed, it’s a good idea to have a few pointers. So with this in mind, our Japanese London escorts are going to offer you their top tips for dating:

  1. Chivalry is not dead. You don’t have to behave like you’re one of the knights of the Round Table, you just have to remember your manners basically. Treating a woman in the old fashioned way will never go unnoticed, even if you’re dating a feminist; the effort you’re making will always be appreciated. Opening the door, offering your arm when she’s stepping down from the pavement or out of the cab etc. These are just the little things we know, but the little things do not go unnoticed.

  2. Confidence. This is a clincher in so many ways. You have to understand that your date will be as nervous, if not more nervous than you. So they’re likely to appreciate a man with a little confidence. Most women like a man to take the lead when it comes to dating. Even Japanese London escorts enjoy it when their client is able to show them some confidence and make things interesting and entertaining. It’s all about the conversation on your first date remember. Pick a few things you know something about, but don’t linger on one for too long, you don’t want to bore them to death. If you can talk to them confidently, then you’ve won half the battle; ask them about themselves.

  3. Be presentable and ready. It’s about making an effort, and it’s nearly as important as being confident and comfortable. Get yourself groomed well. Maybe a haircut is in order? Check your clothes situation. It’s always a good time to buy new clothes before a date because you don’t have to display your ironing technique!

Those of the top three tips you’re going to get this week gents. Who knows, if our Japanese London escorts are feeling benevolent enough, they may just indulge you again next week. In the meantime, if you want to have some fun with one of our lovely girls, go on over and browse the gallery.