Oriental London Escort Tips: The Wrong Way To Use Dating Apps!

There really is a right and a wrong way to use those magic apps gentlemen. And contrary to popular belief, oriental London escorts do know a thing or two about them…

These girls have either used them before or they know people who do, and they have a lot of fun with them. Mainly watching stupid men make really stupid mistakes. Most men have only one thing on their mind, and when they’re trying to get it they’ll do almost anything. Our oriental London escorts have chosen their top three most pathetic things they’ve witnessed “gentlemen” doing on these dating apps.

  • Race obsession. Obviously this is something our oriental London escorts are very used to. They get this kind of thing all the time, in the street and online. Most of them don’t mind, mainly because they’re escorts, and it’s their business to have men swooning over them. But if you’re trying to chat up an Asian girl via a dating app, don’t start out by telling her just how “into” Asian girls you really are. All this will do is show them that you don’t really consider any other aspect of them or their personality as important.

  • Misogyny. It’s a thing and it happens. We’re not saying that any of you “hate” women of course. And we are well aware that you don’t hate oriental London escorts of course! But some interactions on dating apps can be a little misogynistic at times, and it’s something everyone could do with watching out for. Don’t start slamming your ex on a dating app, or messaging negatively about women at all for that matter. It’s easy we know, when you’ve had a bad experience. But take it from our oriental London escorts when they say, we’re not all bad you know!

  • Overtly sexual. When you’re overly forward it’s a big turn off. There are a surprising number of men that ask for nude photographs after literally minutes of chatting. You wouldn’t expect a woman to get her boobs out and show you after chatting to her for a minute or two in the pub, would you? Also, keep better control on your sexual innuendos. Everything doesn’t have to have a sexual connotation you know.

Now, all our oriental London escorts are sure you’re the perfect gentlemen. We are happy to have you here on our website and we’re writing this post primarily for entertainment purposes, so try not to be offended!

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