Just How Tiny Are Those Tiny Asian Escorts?

Pretty damn tiny, we can tell you that much! If you’re a tall guy, you better not have a bad back, put it that way. You may need to stoop a little to whisper sweet nothings to some of those Asian escorts!

Tiny Asian escorts have been in demand for as long as people have desired Asian women. It’s obviously something to do with the fact that western men are taller, and generally larger all round than Asian men. Some of you may not know, but this is the reason why Asian girls are actually as attracted to western men as much as the men are attracted to them. It’s a win-win situation for Asian escort hobbyists then right?

What do you like about the tiny Asians?

So, tell us, we know that there is a large demand for tiny Asian escorts, but what exactly is it that floats your boat about them? Given that we can’t exactly hear you telling us, we’ll have to take an educated guess. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a tiny Asian escort, then this is probably what you like the most. There are very few girls out there that you could literally pick up, without being pumped like Arnold Schwarzenegger! But with the tiny ones, you can almost always lift them up. Is it that you feel as though you can protect them perhaps? You know what we mean. We don’t mean literally protect them of course.

It’s a kind of instinctual thing, built into a man’s inner psyche we suppose, one that dates back as old as time. And these days it’s increasingly more difficult to find women that actually want that male protective figure in their life. You can have this with petite Asian escorts, even if it is just for a short time. Being around them, flirting and having fun together really does make you feel good.

Asian escorts like to feel loved

Virtually all women want to be loved of course, but Asians are particularly fond of this. And Asian escorts get to experience this devotion and attention more than regular women of course. Most of them would agree that this was indeed a deciding factor when then chose to become escorts in the first place! And out of all the places in the world that they could be appreciated, the very best of them choose to pursue their escorting careers in London. Hardly surprising when the city has such a lovely, cosmopolitan community of escort hobbyists.

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