Fighting Monogamy With London Asian Escorts

We are London Asian escort specialists above all else of course, but this has given us a certain amount of experience and knowledge when it comes to relationships. We’d like to share this with you. Today we’ll be talking about actually fighting against monogamy.

Have you been “thrown together?” It really is a thing you know. It’s surprising how many people meet, marry and raise a family by simply being thrown together. Basically you meet your partner by a serious of random events, through friends, colleagues etc. but there really is no rhyme or reason to it. Are we expected to believe that there is a universal higher power at work here, aiding us to meet our soul mate (if indeed you do believe in that)?

To us it seems more than ridiculous when we see so many people booking London Asian escorts and then going on with their lives hiding the fact that they do. Which life is the one that’s more natural we ask? Pursuing what you want, or acquiescing to what you believe is socially acceptable?

The constraints of marriage

Marriage is actually a concept, not something that has to be done. Too many people look upon marriage as a goal to be achieved in life. They have a life plan mapped out for them and they follow it doggedly. It’s such a shame when you think about it. Most of the time marriage is only a constraint, not allowing us to follow our natural instincts. Let’s face it gentlemen, if it was a natural instinct to marry one woman, stay with her and raise a family, there wouldn’t be London Asian escorts, or any escorts come to think of it!

Primal instincts should never be ignored

It’s human nature isn’t it? It’s perfectly reasonable to be attracted to other women. And it’s perfectly reasonable to want to get involved with them. It’s a primal instinct that too many people have lost. Yes, there are some primal instincts that need to stay lost. For example, we don’t want to go murdering each other etc. but relationships are different. We are animals essentially, driven towards each other for the purposes of procreation (and in terms of human beings) pleasure. So why deny it?

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