What’s A Typical In-Call Japanese London Escort Apartment Like?

The short answer is that it’s pretty much like any apartment in London. However, there are a few things you may be interested in learning. We’ll fill you in…

A Japanese London escort will always keep a very tidy and comfortable apartment. There’s just something about Asian girls that we can’t put our finger on. Meaning we don’t know why of course. They just like to keep things ordered and tidy. However, they do make their apartments incredibly comfortable and welcoming to their incall clients. This includes everything you could think of. We have no small amount of experience when it comes to this you understand. We’re talking about showering facilities, sheets and towels and everything. These Japanese London escorts are on top of things! No, we didn’t mean that, you naughty devils.

Speaking from experience, and mainly those escorts represented by us, we can also tell you that the average incall apartment occupied by a Japanese London escort, is very discreet and easy to find. You’ll find most of them near to tube stations, for convenience of course. You don’t want to walk miles or have an expensive cab ride when you go to see an escort!

In-call Japanese London escort services

In our experience a Japanese London escort will always offer an outstanding incall service. She will usually be ready for you before you arrive. She’ll be dressed up nicely, or even in something you have requested if you’ve spoken to us previously and we’ve cleared it with them. She will be welcoming, polite and attentive. In fact she’ll be everything an escort should be, and a lot more besides!

To be honest with you, once you’ve experienced the affection of a Japanese London escort, you will really struggle to get anything any better, anywhere in London. We have this on very good authority too, not just because we represent them!

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