And The Results Are In: The Best Asian London Escorts!

There are several different types of Asian London escorts of course, but we’ve been asking around and adding up our own stats and we have discovered which we believe to be the best in London...

First of all, which are the most common types you know? Thai escorts, Japanese escorts, Chinese escorts, Korean escorts, Malaysian escorts, Philippines, Burmese, mixed race Asian escorts, and countless ones that we have more than likely forgotten to mention. They’re all very different to the connoisseur of Asian London escorts you understand!

The best Asian escorts in London

Of course, we have to factor in the amount of each type actually available in London. We left it to more mathematically geared minds to work out mind you. It wouldn’t be fair to just claim that Japanese girls were the best in London, just because there are significantly more of them than there are Korean girls. It would be a fair assumption to say that they were arguably the most common Asian escorts in London however.

The top three are:

  • Japanese escorts

  • Thai escorts

  • Chinese escorts

You may not feel that the best Asian London escorts can be classified because they get booked the most in relation to other Asians, but we think it’s a pretty good indicator. If we had to go into why each hobbyist liked a particular girl we’d be at it for years! The fact remains that Japanese girls get booked the most, so they must be the best in the city; people book them for a very good reason.

There is another factor to consider that we couldn’t possibly really include. This is the fact that these girls may be more popular, simply because they are more readily available, not necessarily bookings in relation to the other types of girls. So this can’t be helped we’re afraid.

What makes them so special?

Well, you tell us. If you’ve booked one of these girls before that is. If you’ve been booking Chinese girls, maybe it’s time to change it up a little and sample another variety? If this wasn’t the result you were looking for, you can decide for yourself then can’t you? Get some real “qualitative data!”

All Asian escorts seem to have an innate desire to please their clients, not matter where they’re from. So we can safely tell you that if you are yet to book a Japanese girl to make you happy, you will not be disappointed, since these are arguably among the most submissive and subservient young Asian escorts in the city today.

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