Dinner With An Asian London Escort

Have you been to Chinatown lately? It’s getting bigger and bigger, and actually more like China than ever before! This is a wonderful thing of course, especially if you like Chinese culture, or indeed any Asian culture. Trouble is though, the more Chinese it gets, the more authentic the restaurants get.

And this too is a great thing for Asian food lovers. The only problem comes when you want to experience as much as possible, yet you lack the language skills and other innate knowledge that Asians do. This is why we’re advising you to book an Asian London escort to dine with, rather than any other type. You could take a Russian girl to Chinatown for dinner, but the chances are that she’ll know even less than you do!

Where to eat in Chinatown

There are always too many restaurants to choose from in Chinatown, but if you insist on dining in this beautiful place, despite the tourists, at least allow us to recommend a couple of places.

  • Four Seasons on Wardour Street. This place is famous for its classic crispy duck, but they have a hell of a lot more to choose from. The food is always very good, freshly prepared and there’s plenty of it. An Asian London escort will help you choose the best from the menu!

  • Dumplings’ Legend on Gerrard Street. Another wonderful place to go when you’ve got some Asian company. And what we like about this place is that the chefs are there to see behind the glass. It’s always nice to watch these guys working; they’re like magicians! And when you taste the food, you’ll know what we’re talking about!

So, there you go, there’s a couple of nice place to try. Another great thing about taking an Asian London escort along with you is that you’re likely to get a more than friendly response from the locals when they realise you both understand what you’re talking about. These guys are used to getting their fair share of tourists remember!

Book an Asian London escort who speaks English too!

There are a number of Asian escorts in London that have very poor English skills, but you won’t get any of that from our agency. We make sure that the girl we represent know how to speak good English and are happy to converse with you. Because they speak both their own native language (in this case Chinese) and English, you might just learn a little Chinese yourself!

A Chinese escort is more useful than you think in London!

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